Block Play-Off Results

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Block A play-off - 2 players contesting 1 place
Andres Alvarez-Sala
Joi Elebo
Joi Elebo beat Andres Alvarez-Sala 7-3 and qualifies
Block B - No play-off required
Block C - No play-off required
Block D play-off - 2 players contesting 1 place
Harry Fisher
David Hanbidge
Harry Fisher beat David Hanbidge 7-2 and qualifies
Block E play-off - 4 players contesting 1 place

Alison Sharpe
Macey White
John Richardson
Stephen Leonard


Alison Sharpe beat Stephen Leonard 7-4

John Richardson beat Macey White 7-5

John Richardson beat Alison Sharpe 7-5 and qualifies


Block F - No play-off required
Block G play-off - 3 players contesting 2 places
Fathy Farouk
George Coulter
Ian Burridge

George Coulter beat Ian Burridge 7-4 and qualifies


Fathy Farouk beat Ian Burridge 7-5 and qualifies
Block H - No play-off required