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Coverage on the Opening Day

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Elgan Explains: the world of golf croquet – an acutely British sport dominated by Egypt and sounds French
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Masters of the mallet: How Egypt conquered croquet
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PM  programme, starting at about 22 minutes in

Coverage of Under-21 and this tournament also

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Basic press information

About Golf Croquet:

It’s an international sport:
Many people will have played croquet informally in their own gardens or at hotels, but the top-level of croquet is an international sport, with English players being recent ex-World Champions in both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet. [Association Croquet is the more traditional game, akin to Snooker.]

It’s for the young (and old):
In addition to the young Australian team in the recent World Team Championships there were more than 2,000 students taking part in the Oxford and Cambridge University cuppers, a challenge between their Colleges. The full size equipment is suitable for children from 10 upwards. Many of our clubs also have members who are over 90 too.

It’s skilful:
Although Golf Croquet can be taught in 10 minutes and is a fast-paced game, both it and Association Croquet are games of skill and tactics, with men and women competing on equal terms. With a handicap system beginners and skilled players can play each other in a competitive fashion. There are also tournaments throughout the UK from April to October, several each weekend and also some during the week, so if you’re competitive there are plenty of opportunities to play.

About the Golf Croquet World Championship

Sussex County Croquet Club at Southwick will be the major venue for the 2019 World Golf Croquet Championships, supported by three other venues in Eastbourne, Worthing and Tunbridge Wells. The Championships will be held between 27th July and 4th August 2019 with 80 competitors from up to 30 countries eligible to compete.

The current World Champion is South African Reg Bamford, who won the World Championship in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in London. He previously won it in 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. The Championship has been won 9 times by Egyptians and once by an Irish player. There has always been at least one Egyptian player in the final.

This is the 13th time the Golf Croquet World Championships have been held, starting in 1996 in Milan, and the fourth time it's been held in England - it was held at Sussex County Croquet Club in 2004.

About the hosting venues:

  • Sussex County Croquet Club

    Sussex County Croquet Club, which is one of the world’s oldest and largest croquet clubs, has been selected as the premier venue and will be the host for the finals.

    Sussex County Croquet was founded in 1869 by Henry Jones and John Hinde Hale. (These two gentlemen were subsequently involved in the formation of The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club.)  Originally based outside The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, the club moved to its present location in 1901. Its first annual tournament was held in the presence of The Duke of Cambridge.

    The club has a long history of hosting major croquet events. In 2012 the club took the decision to completely refurbish their 11 lawns. This improvement was a major factor in the Championship being awarded to Sussex.

  • Compton Croquet Club

    Compton Croquet Club was founded in 1898 on its present site at The Saffrons Sports Ground. We maintain five of the original laid lawns to the first class standard they are today and cater for both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet at all levels.

    A previous club, the Eastbourne Cricket, Archery and Croquet Club at Ashford Road, near the railway station, advertised in the Eastbourne Gazette on 10 June 1863 that it was open to visitors and was one of the clubs to agree a common set of Laws at a conference summoned by the All England Club, now the Croquet Association, in 1869.

    In September 1869 a two day croquet tournament at Ashford Road was one of the events of the Eastbourne season. It was held under the auspices of the All England Club and the patronage of the Duke of Devonshire and Lady Fanny Howard. Nine courts, each 80 yards(!) × 20 yards, were laid out. Courts of this length were rare although the maximum length permitted at the time was 100 yards. The hoops, the Eastbourne Chronicle reported, were "only seven inches wide" (17.78cm). Spectators, who were required to contribute not less than half-a-guinea per family, were entertained by the band of the 10th Hussars,  stationed at Brighton and by the singing of several ‘glees’. There were six entrants for the principal event. The winner received a silver-gilt cup while the runner-up had to be content with gold studs and cufflinks.

    One hundred and twenty years on from our formation, we continue to maintain five of the original lawns laid at The Saffrons to first class standards and host many national and international events, as well as a full programme of club competitions, matches and hosting other groups, introducing them to the sport of croquet..

    Over the past two years, Compton’s clubhouse has undergone much restoration and renovation including accessible disabled facilities, whilst maintaining its essential character - quite a challenge as we border a conservation area. Today the final areas, the Bar and the Mens Changing Rooms, are currently being completely refurbished to meet current standards, bringing us very firmly into the 21st century, complete with Wifi!

  • Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club

    The Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club has more than 60 members and is growing in size. It was founded in 1965 and moved to its current location with three lawns in Calverley Grounds, central Tunbridge Wells in 1995. The Club provides free coaching to members throughout the season, runs several internal and external tournaments. We also provide a full range of coaching by qualified coaches, from beginner level upwards.

    We run Open Days in May, June, July and August each year as well as Introductory Courses every Spring.

  • West Worthing Croquet Club

    West Worthing Croquet Club is part of the West Worthing Club, a multi-sports members club, dating back to 1886. It moved to the current site in 1974.

    It has two dedicated croquet lawns.