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Sherif AbdelwahabSherif is 58 years old from Providence RI. He started playing croquet at the age of 10 and is the current US GC National champion, and has won 14 National titles and 7 consecutive doubles titles. Sherif has represented the USA in 9 GC world championships and two GC world team tournaments. His other favourite sport is squash.
Cheryl BromleyCheryl is 58, married and works as a Tennis & Croquet Instructor. She has played croquet for 10 years, currently at Milwaukee CC. Successes in USCA events include; Florida regional singles & doubles 2017; National Plate singles & doubles 2018; SE region singles 2019. She has been chair of the USCA National GC Committee since 2014, and enjoys Tennis, Biking and Hiking.
Ahab Dincer

Ahab, based in Newport, was born in Egypt 53 years ago, where he absorbed croquet from watching his elder brother and sister. He migrated to USA in 1984 and is an airline pilot and married. He won the 2016 North Carolina invitation tournament and had several runner up finishes in US singles and doubles and then became part of the USA team in three GC championships.

David Maloof

David, 65, works as a tennis and croquet instructor in Florida (winter) and North Carolina (summer). He is married and enjoys hiking, biking and travel. He started croquet 25 years ago and was US National AC singles champion twice, and has played in the USA MacRob team and Team USA Solomon Trophy. In 2016 he was runner up in the 2016 AC World Championships.

Ben Rothman

Ben was born in 1983 and was taught croquet by his uncle. They won the Club Teams National Championship and Ben won 20 US National Championships , was runner up in the 2009 AC World Championships, won the British Opens doubles twice and in 2016 he became the first American to win the British Open singles, and has played regularly in the US Croquet Team. Ben & Cody married in NZ during the 2014 MacRobertson Shield and live in Oakland CA.

Jeff Soo

Jeff, born in 1964 and involved in croquet for 25 years, works as a croquet coach. His main club is Stoneridge , NC, and has won 20 assorted US championships. Jeff has had a major role in the US MacRob team, Solomon Trophy, Carter Challenge, and WCF AC World Championship . He has contributed to USCA administration and managed many US national championships. He is married and enjoys music and photography.

Macey WhiteMacey was born in 1959 and works as bounty hunter. He has played croquet for 6 years, currently at Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club. He is Regional VP for USCA. Married, he declares no non-croquet interests.