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Brian BullenBorn in England 51 years ago Brian has lived in New Zealand for 35 years. He is a Postal Delivery Agent, married with three children, two of whom also play GC. Brian has won the two previous Golf Croquet World Qualifying Tournaments and loves playing against players from different countries. His interests include football, golf, and racehorses: he hopes to be more successful than his horses.
George CoulterCurrently based in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty and a member of the Whakatane, CC, and studying a Retail and Business Management degree with Massey University. George was Silver medalist in the 2017 U21 Worlds, and won the Plate in the 2018 Open GC Worlds. He was runner up in the 2018 Golf Croquet National Open Singles, and won the doubles with Edmund Fordyce.
Duncan DixonA member of United in Christchurch, 30 years of age, Duncan has spent half his life playing croquet. Duncan has played in many international GC events including 2 Trans Tasmans (both wins), 2 World Team Championships (1 win), 4 Open World Championships (no win....yet)and the inaugural U21 World Championships (win) . Duncan has also won the NZ GC Open 8 times. It is because of all this success that he is feared by many! Be afraid! he's coming to crush your hopes and dreams! He also wonders why he's single....
Joshua FreethJosh started playing croquet at high school with his friends when he was 16 years old. He has since won 3 U21 NZ croquet nationals as well as the 2014 U21 croquet world championship. Josh currently works teaching numeracy and literacy to adults and likes to make art in his spare time.
Hamish McIntoshHamish took up croquet in 2007 and in 2012 was a member of the NZ team placed second in the inaugural GC Teams World Championship. He secured a bronze medal at the 2011 GC World Championship, and more recently, with Josh Freeth, won the NZ GC Doubles in 2017 and 2019. Away from croquet, Hamish works as a psychologist with an interest in health and sports psychology.
Helen Reeves