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Nour AliBorn 1984, married and with a bachelor of commerce degree, Nour is now a company owner. He started playing croquet in 2005 and belongs to the Al Roaad and the Sporting Club in Cairo. His main tournament successes have been within the clubs in Cairo but has reached seventh position in the Egyptian classification.
Ahmed El Mahdi

Mahdi is a Judge and has been playing Golf Croquet since 1998. He is currently a member of the Shooting Club croquet team.
He has participated in all the Men’s World Championships since 2002 and came in 9th in 2002, 6th in 2008, 3rd in 2012, as well as being the Winner in 2015.
Mahdi has also won the Egyptian Men’s ranking system many times.
On the national level, Mahdi has been a member of the Shooting Club team,  who have won the Egyptian National league and Egyptian cup for many years.

Mostafa Eissa 
Hamy ErianBorn in 1989, Hamy works as a plastic mould engineer. He plays croquet at Zamalek Sporting Club, and was Egyptian National Champion in 2016 & 2019. This is his fourth GC world championship having been fourth in 2014, second in 2015 and third in 2017. In addition to croquet he enjoys swimming, cycling and running.
Omar FahmyOmar was born in 1968 and lives in Cairo with his wife and 2 children where he works as CEO of Pixi-Egypt. He plays at the Heliopolis Sherouk club and has won several Eyptian tournaments.
Fathy FaroukFathi was born in Cairo in 1982 where he is married with three children. He plays at El Haoumdaya Sporting Club and is ranked 4 in Egypt. Besides croquet his interests embrace swimming and football.
Yasser FathyYasser is a civil engineer born in 1963 into a croquet playing family. In his earlier years he played hockey professionally and took up croquet in 1996 and is a member of the Heliopolis Alsherouk Club. He came second in the WCF Over 50 Championship held in Cairo October 2018 and twice achieved second place in the Egyptian men's singles championship
Karim Ghamry 

Karim holds a Business Degree from the German University in Cairo and is currently working in Nestle Egypt.

He started playing golf croquet in 2008 in the Zohour Club.  
He has won the Egyptian League 4 times, the Egyptian Cup 5 times, the Egyptian Federation Cup 4 times and took second place in the Egyptian National Tournament in 2018. 

He has participated in the U-21 World Championship in Egypt in 2009 and New Zealand in 2015.

Nagiub HossamNaguib was born in 1984, is married and works as general manager of a National textile industrial company. He started playing croquet in 1999 at Smouha club in Alexandria and is currently #8 in the Egyptian rankings. In 2019 he won the Federation and Egyptian Cup winner as part of his club team. Beyond croquet he indulges in horse-riding.
Mohamed KaremMohammed was born in 1988, lists his professon as “share holder” and plays at the El Zohour Club. He was 5th at the 2017 World Championship, New Zealand, and a member of the second-placed Egyptian team at the 2016 Team World Championship. In 2016 he headed the World ranking system. Unmarried, he also enjoys football.
Abeer MostafaAbeer, born 1976 is an engineer. She has played GC since 1993, plays for the Shooting Club team and the National Team, and is third in the Ladies Egyptian Rankings. She has played in every Women's World Championship since 2005, coming third in 205 and 2014 and has came in 3rd place in World Golf Croquet Championships in 2005 and 2014 and eighth in February 2019 in New Zealand.
Ahmed NasrAhmed is married with two children and works as a trainer at the Gezirah Sporting Club, but plays at Zamalek Sporting Club. In 2011 he was placed third in the
WCF Golf Croquet World Championships: in 2013 and 2017 he was runner-up; in 2008 and 2014 he was World Champion.
Mohamed NasrMohammed is married with two children and works as a trainer at the Gezirah Sporting Club, but plays at Zamalek Sporting Club He was runner-up at the WCF Golf Croquet World Championship 2004 and World Champion in 2006 . His principal interest off-lawn is music.
Mostafa NezarMoustafa Nezar works as a maintenance engineer and belongs to El Shams Sporting Club. U21 GC world champion in 2011 at Hunstanton and sixth in the GCWC in London in the same year. In addition Moustafa has achieved high finishing positions in many Egyptian tournaments since then including top position in the 2010 Egyptian National golf croquet championship.
Khaled TharwatBorn in 1973 and married, Khaled works as a mechanical engineer. He started playing croquet in 1993 at the Smouha club in Alexandria. He won the Egyptian singles title in 2009 and mixed doubles in 2007 as well as the Federation and Egyptian cup with the Smouha club in 2017. Khaled played in the World Championship in 2015-17 and is Egyptian #10. He also enjoys squash, football and reading.
Walid WahbanWalid started playing Croquet 25 years ago. He lives in Alexandria but plays for the Shooting Club in Cairo. He has played in three previous World Golf Croquet Championships.