Recent News

The tournament is being organised jointly by the Sussex County, Compton, Royal Tunbridge Wells and West Worthing Croquet Clubs on behalf of the Croquet Association.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee is (Sussex County except where noted):

ChairmanJonathan Isaacs
CA RepresentativeIan Lines
TreasurerClive Hayton
Media RelationsLinda Gavigan
SecretaryChrissie Isaacs
Programme EditorRay Hall
WebmastersJon Diamond (RTW) and John Low
Compton representativeCaroline Cosham
Royal Tunbridge Wells representativeJon Diamond
West Worthing representativeAndrew Stewart


The following officials have been appointed by the World Croquet Federation:

WCF Event LeadSamir Patel
Tournament DirectorPhil Cordingley
Tournament ManagerMike Town
Tournament RefereeIan Cobbold


A pool of authorised referees will be appointed, from whom deputy tournament referees and referees on request will be allocated.  Supervising referees will not normally be used.

Appeals Committee

A pool of people will be appointed from whom an appeals committee will be constituted if required, according to their eligibility and availability.


All pictures are provided and copyright of the World Croquet Federation, the Croquet Association or the hosting clubs.