WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship Final

Recent News

It’s between Ben Rothman from the United States of America and Mohammed Kharem from Egypt. 

Live streaming by Eugene Chang and Will Gee is available at: http://youtube.com/CroquetEngland/live.  Commentary will be shared by a group of players.

After spurning a couple of good opportunities to win at hoops 11 & 12, Ben Rothman finlly runs 12 to win game 1 7-5.

Mohamed takes next two 7-, 7- to take the lead.

Ben comes from 3-6 down to win the 4th 7-6 and lvel it up again



Current Game Score:

Ben Rothman 2 - 2 Mohammed Kharem

(7-5, 2-7, 3-7, 7-6)