Semi-final 2

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At least 150 spectators enjoyed the lovely weather and the Croquet. Hopefully lots are watching online too!

Josh Freeth in great form hitting everything from great distances and took the first two games 7-2, 7-3 against Ben Rothman. This proved to be a good opportunity for lunch as they’d been playing for 3 hours.

The third saw a recovery from Ben, with him winning 7-3. 

The fourth was a bit more exciting - Josh led 4-1 and it felt as if it was all over! However, Ben fought back to 4-4 and then won hoop 9 with a jump shot from the boundary. Unfortunately for Josh this left his ball unable to get to 10, so he played to get a rush from his other ball. This worked really well, but Ben ran 10 to make it 6-4 in his favour, with some control of 11.

Subsequently Ben missed his longish attempt and after some to and fro Josh won the hoop with a decent position at 12. After some exchanges Josh tries for the hoop when the crowd think he should clea, misses it and gives Ben the hoop to level the match.

Game 5: all very peaceful with Josh nudging ahead 2-1. Then he misses an easy hoop, which gifts it toBen with a ball near 5 as well.

Ben wins 5 and an exchange of hoop misses leaves Josh with another attempt - missed! More exchanges and he’s got a really short one this time - success! 3-3 final game.

Great positioning and clearing going on  - Ben’s missed a long clearance, leaving Josh with an easy hoop and good position beyond 8.

Josh’s in control, but leaves an angled hoop. Ben runs it! 4-4

Josh takes good position and Ben fails with a long clearance; and again leaving Josh with two balls in front, but Ben’s got a chance from the boundary. Fails and then Josh fails from 3 feet! Ben clears really well, but Josh’s back.  Ben misses and JOsh runs down to 10

Sorry battery going...

Other results from the games today in the Plate, Bowl and Shield are on this website.