GCWC: Day 4

Recent News

The weather on the South Coast took an Autumnal turn today with high winds and rain, with only Tunbridge Wells offering some respite.

This was the longest day so far - at 20:10 we were considering pegging down Dincer v M Alvarez-Sala at 20:30 when the score was 2-2. Fortunately it finished 7-2 shortly afterwards. Tobi v Charlie was still going at West Worthing at that point - the result is not yet posted. The outstanding game from Monday has now been played, so we've caught up on the schedule.

Simon Carter couldn't keep up his pace and lost his first game today, so there are now only two unbeaten players: Duncan Dixon and Stephen Mulliner. With only one game still to play in the Blocks the qualification position is getting complicated.

The players who've qualified for the Knock-Out phase so far are in the table below. Block D is so evenly balanced that no player has guaranteed their qualification spot!

Joshua FreethHamy ErianMostafa Nezar Duncan DixonMohamed KaremJohn-Paul MoberlyStephen Mulliner
Khaled TharwatAhmed El MahdiManuel Alvarez-Sala   Simon CarterMohamed Nasr
 Jose Alvarez-Sala     Sherif Abdelwahab
       Nicholas Archer

Sadly we can't add anything from Chris Clarke as he hasn't posted anything yet - perhaps some excitement in Tunbridge Wells has delayed him...