GCWC: Day 3

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Things are developing nicely after 3 days and 6 games (for almost all players). 

On 6 wins are Block A: Khaled Tharwat, Block E: Duncan Dixon, Block G: Simon Carter, Block H: Stephen Mulliner

On 5 wins Block A: Reg Bamford, Joshua Freeth, Block B: Hamy Erian, Ahmed El Mahdi, Jose Alvarez-Sala, Block C: Robert Fulford, Mostafa Nezar, Block D: Jonathan Powe, Omar Fahmy, Harry Fisher, Block F: Mohamed Karem, Jose Riva, Jeff Soo, Block G: John-Paul Moberly, Block H: Mohamed Nasr and Nicholas Archer.

Obviously most of the seeds are performing well, but there is one stand-out performance: qualifying Simon Carter! (Some video clips of one his matches are now here). Nicholas Archer is also out-performing his rating.

Chris Clarke writes:

"I visited West Worthing today, a club that didn’t exist when I emigrated to NZ. It is about five years old and forms part of a large sports club with over 20 tennis lawns of varying types of surface, both indoor and outdoor. It also has squash courts, a bar and small restaurant.

The two croquet lawns have improved immeasurably over the past 18 months and now have a consistent covering of dense grass all over. The grass is coarser and a bit longer than other venues, with the lawns having some significant slopes. However, due to the slow speed (about 8 seconds), the slopes don’t play too severely.

The clubhouse is a wooden shed about 20ft by 12ft and is representative of many smaller clubs around the country. Flags of the world have hung as bunting around the lawns.

I watched the Fulford v Dincer match in which 39 hoops were scored in 4 hours 40 minutes and the 5-time AC World Champion eventually prevailed. It was the lowest quality match I have watched at the event so far.

Todays player of the day is our sponsor Simon Carter. After failing to get in via the reserve list, Simon made it through the qualifier and is now one of only a handful of players to be on 6/6. The CA should have a deal to get the sponsorship doubled if Simon wins 9/9!!!

Tomorrow will see the start of the “cusp” matches between players seeded 3/4/5 and 6. I will be at Royal Tunbridge Wells tomorrow to complete my review of the clubs."