GCWC: Day 2

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With the rain having disappeared a full days play was available, with the sun making a welcome sight for the players.

Unbeaten players are Joshua Freeth and Khaled Tharwat in Block A, Ahmed El Mahdi in Block B, Omar Fahmy and Harry Fisher in Block D, Duncan Dixon in Block E, Jeff Soo in Block F, Simon Carter in Block G and Stephen Mulliner in Block H. Block C is very even with 4 players on three wins, 

This is a stonking result for our main sponsor AND QUALIFIER Simon Carter (a lovely short video of his hat and his comeback at hoop 12 to level the scores with a jump shot against Fathy Farouk in the decider may be available sometime). Go Simon....

Chris Clarke writes:

"I had the pleasure of visiting Compton in Eastbourne today. Compton is an old club with 5 lawns set out in an "L" shape. After suffering from the hot dry summer year, they have rebounded really well and the grass quality is consistently good apart from the odd corner area. The lawns were green and running a bit slower than Southwick, which picked up speed in the afternoon after the early rain. The club in situated in a sports complex with a large cricket ground, artificial hockey pitch and soccer pitch. It is a lovely setting.

The club itself has made large strides in the last couple of years. Almost the entirety of the outside cladding of the building has been replaced with newer material, a new disabled toilet added, the gents freshly painted and new modern windows added. From memory, Ray and Caroline (I hope I've got that right) have played a major role in this process. The club has suffered the theft of two lawnmowers in separate attacks and despite that have really put on a good show for this event.

The lawns vary in flatness, from fairly flat to lawn 1 which is quite hilly. Positional play from distance isn't guaranteed, but long hoops are compulsory due to the easy hoops. I believe that the generally much easier playing conditions in 2019 compared to 2017, 2015 and 2013 will lead to a greater number of upset results and weaker players take their chances at firing at long hoops against the top players. I believe that there were more upsets in 2011 at Hurlingham as well.

The player who deserves todays shout out is Khaled Tharwat who became only the second player in the since the K.O. stage of the 2013 worlds to take a match off Reg Bamford - well done Khaled.

Euan Burridge confirmed the standard of play at the U21's by taking 3 out of 6 games against Jose Riva and Tobi Savage.

Tomorrow, I'll try and give a flavour of West Worthing, a club I haven't visited before."