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Recent News

It's just seven days until the WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship starts and we're pleased to announce that live broadcasts will be available on the  Croquet Association's YouTube channel, via the link:

For the current action (may not show anything if streaming not in progress) use:

The provisional broadcast schedule is (subject to change):

Block stages 27-31 July: static stream of single lawn during hours of play without commentary 
KO stages 1-4 August: commentary and close-up of individual matches

Prior to this on this channel there wil be some streaming of the Under-21 Golf Croquet World Championship being held in Nottingham, starting shortly today.

Contact the commentary team via:
- The comments section on the livestream page on YouTube
- Instagram/Twitter (@croquetengland)
- Email ( - this will be monitored infrequently

Make sure you use the hashtag #gcwc2019 when sharing or posting about the event!