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The Championship is a singles event, for the World Croquet Federation (WCF) Trophy with three consolation events. The proposed formats for these, based on the WCF event regulations, are given below but these may be revised after discussion with the tournament manager and once the final size of entry is known.

  • The Detailed Regulations are available here 
  • The Entry Procedure is here
  • The Previous Winners of the Championship can be seen on this page.

The format of the Championship will be best of three 13-point game block play involving 8 blocks of 10 players, followed by a knockout involving the top 4 players from each block (with play-offs for qualification if required). Time limits will not be used unless they become necessary to complete the event. Play-offs in accordance with WCF Regulations to determine progression to the knock-out stage will be arranged between contestants who finish the block stage on the same number of match wins. All matches in the knockout will be best of three, except that the quarter-finals onwards will be best of five if time permits. All games will be single banked, except in an emergency.

Players who do not qualify for the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Plate event. This will be played as multiple blocks of all-play-all, single or double 13-point games, leading to an 8-player best of three knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

Players who are first round losers in the knockout stage of the Championship will proceed to the Bowl event. This event will be played as a best of three 13-point game knockout. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

The Shield event will use the approach of paragraph 5.2 of Appendix 8 of the WCF Sports Regulations, and will be a best of three 13-point game knockout for those losing in the second round of the Championship. The winner will receive a WCF salver.

A Z event for all those not involved in other events on Saturday may be arranged.